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Keenen Smith's journey from the son of a blue-collar family to a dedicated community leader in Kansas is marked by a commitment to service and a passion for improving the lives of his fellow Kansans. Keenen's dedication to community service and small business ownership took on new meaning with the arrival of his children, Keenen Smith Jr., Keona Smith, and Keni Southern, all attending schools in Kansas. This familial connection ignited his passion to lead and support his fellow Kansans.
 Known for his open-mindedness and willingness to discuss ideas, Keenen remains steadfast in his core conservative principles and Christian values. He champions the Declaration of Independence and upholds the Constitution, standing firmly for pro-gun rights, pro-liberty ideals, property rights, a free market, fiscal responsibility, and limited government.
 Driven by a compelling sense of duty shaped by his military service and business acumen, Keenen serves as a patriotic leader for his children and neighbors. His active involvement in the state's political process stems from a deep belief that now is the time to stand in the gap for children, liberties, and the future of Kansas.
 During Keenen's off-duty hours, you'll find him cherishing quality moments with his family, serving on local city council committees, serving his community extending a helping hand to friends, indulging in the thrill of hunting, and generously dedicating his time to volunteering. Occasionally, he makes the journey down to Mississippi to lend a hand in during harvest on his family farm.

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